Engaging data you won’t find
anywhere else

LinkedIn isn’t what it used to be…

Tech people are abandoning LinkedIn and profiles are increasingly out of date. We build unique profiles with data points you can’t get anywhere else.


License our unique data

Enrich your ATS, power a new product or feature, do in depth research and so much more!

Social media mapping is commoditized.

We refresh our data regularly and uncover unique data points from dozens of public sites which you can't find anywhere else.

At humanpredictions we acquire our own data from each public source directly.

  • Add new data sources regularly

  • Regularly refresh our own data directly from those sources

  • Get unique information, activity and changes from the sources each time the data is refreshed

Who’s using our data?

  • Skills Based Organizations

  • People Analytics Products

  • Generative AI

  • HR Tech & Human Capital Products

  • Independent Research

  • Algorithmic Deal Sourcing (Startups, M&A, Acqui-Hire, etc.)

  • Company Due Diligence


Tech recruiting that works

Our unique data unlocks highly personalized messaging, leading to increased response rates and candidate engagement.

Engagement › Sourcing
Finding lists of people is easy. Getting passive tech people to respond is what really matters.
Spamming candidates doesn’t work
Our unique database unlocks the ability to send personalized messages.
Diversity Equity & Inclusion
humanpredictions helps you connect in authentic ways with candidates from underrepresented backgrounds.

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