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The market for hiring in tech is competitive.

Most recruiting efforts are spent on LinkedIn or other social networks sending cold messages to people at other companies trying to recruit them. The problem is that a majority of the people you’re reaching out to aren’t even considering new opportunities.

Stand out from transactional recruiters.

Spamming doesn’t work. Ads only attract junior people. Inboxes are full of opportunities but people in tech are skeptical of recruiters. Good recruiters need to differentiate themselves from the transactional ones, but it takes time, information and genuine communication to build long term relationships.

We aggregate public data & make it valuable.

We gather public data and use machine learning to predict when people are more likely to be open to new job opportunities, when people are more likely to respond to an email, when people are more likely to relocate, and other key indicators that help improve how and when you connect with someone!

How it works.

  1. Scan the public web looking for people in the tech industry with public profiles.

  2. Once we find a profile, we then look for any other public profiles that person might have.

  3. We check those public profiles on a daily or weekly basis, logging any additions, changes, deletions to any of their profiles or sites.

  4. Then we use this information to predict things like: who might be looking for a job, more responsive to cold emails, or open to relocation.

We are solely tech-focused.

In addition to our predictions, we’ll also show you what people are building and saying in niche tech communities. We’ll tell you if they’ve spoken at a conference or if they’ve made any open source contributions. Do they have commit access into any popular open source projects? Do they answer questions on Stack Overflow? Which Meetup groups are they involved with? You’ll learn a lot more about someone than just what’s on their resume.

The types of talent we focus on:




Data Science

iOS & Android


Hardware / IoT



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Product features.


Find out who is most likely to be looking for a new job and receive notifications about them.

Monitor people with Watch Lists and receive notifications when they publish new blog posts, tweets, open source libraries, conference talks as well as when people update resumes, edit personal websites, join Meetup groups, spike in twitter activity, or have work anniversaries when their stock is likely to be vesting.

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We believe in and care about diverse and inclusive teams. We know that you can’t have one without the other, so it’s important to collaborate with other organizations that help companies create inclusive spaces to support diverse hiring. As we are also building a team to reflect these values, we want to help other teams by sharing the resources we are using to effectively achieve the success that comes from having a diverse workforce.

We don’t have all the answers, but by using the resources we have access to, our product helps you discover candidates associated with groups and projects connected to diverse communities and those raising awareness. These features are based on this open source list of organizations and Meetup events.

Read our blog post about Intentional Recruiting for Diversity.

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